Garrett Sholdice

Ergodos is a music production company and record label based in Dublin run by two composers, Garrett Sholdice and Benedict Schlepper-Connolly.

Since 2006, Ergodos has produced numerous concerts and festivals in Dublin, and abroad in Amsterdam, New York and Berlin. These events have ranged from immersive experimental performances to minimal contemporary chamber opera to Mozart’s clarinet concerto to Javanese gamelan to electric guitar quartets.

Since 2010, Ergodos has released more than a dozen recordings, ranging from the string duo Homburger / Guy to a live album of traditional Irish fiddle playing, from ambient electronica to experimental jazz, and from composers J.S. Bach to Steve Reich.

Sholdice and Schlepper-Connolly’s curation frequently presents new and old music within context of a single idea or theme, often constructing a production as a single continuous work. Music as ritual, as concentrated experience, is a recurring theme. Ergodos is also an active commissioner of new work, having commissioned some two-dozen new works since its inception in 2006. Above all, Sholdice and Schlepper-Connolly are interested in presenting beautiful, transformative performances to diverse audiences.

Ergodos takes its name from American composer James Tenney and his concept of “ergodic”, or non-hierarchical, forms in music. Sholdice and Schlepper-Connolly found the idea of ergodic forms to be resonant with their own philosophy of curatorial eclecticism.