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A grumpy Isolated piper/player of a C# flat chanter from Midwestern Canada, nearing Cascadia. My influences are Séamus Ennis, Tommy Reck, Liam O’Flynn, Patsy Touhey, Gerry Mc Fadden and Paddy Moloney. Ennis and Reck are probably the biggest and most important influences though. I personally prefer to play in the old tighter "Gentry" style. Also a player of the Highland pipes

My primary mentor is Pomu Rainpuff, a beautiful teacher, whom has taught me many beautiful tunes, told me many stories, tales, and legends, and also some deep philosophical musings on what ITM ought to be and what it’s potential can be.

Hoping to get a full flat set one of these days.

Also a lover of classical music, Baroque to Late/Post-romantic, and even some modern and atonal works.

Lighting enthusiast, weeb, lover of old architecture, psychology, practical and Jungian, philosophy, esoteric and mystical beliefs, folklore of all kinds, such as myths and legends and urban legends, creepy-pastas, old cars and trucks, planes, old ocean liners, casual railfan/train enthusiast, all around “petrolhead”