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Welder by trade, but also a grumpy Isolated piper/player of a C# flat chanter from Midwestern Canada, nearing Cascadia. My influences are Séamus Ennis, Tommy Reck, Liam O’Flynn, Patsy Touhey, Dicky Deegan, Gerry Mc Fadden and Paddy Moloney. Ennis and Reck are probably the biggest and most important influences though. I personally prefer to play in the old tighter “Gentry” style. Also a fecklessly mediocre player of the Highland pipes. Have a full flat set on the way.

I absolutely loathe accompaniment and the very notion of its existence. It is a repugnant malignancy, an insidious blight that has no regard for its victims. My deep-seated rancor for it is unparalleled and cannot be contained within mere words; it burdens my very being and taints my spirit with its maddening presence.

I have learned much lost knowledge from Nahida, she taught me many secrets of uilleann pipering.