t and u

tunebook 135 tunes.

I love the way of tradition in Irish music, and love to attend sessions. About 5 years in ITM.
I play the whistle (Goldie high D and low D, and other high D whistles; at intermediate level), bodhran (at intermediate level), flute (Rob Forbes and Sam Murray keyless flutes; at intermediate level), bones (at beginner level), and spoons (forgetting how to play…).

Recently, I mainly play the flute, and sometimes bodhran or bones (if there is room for rhythm instruments) in sessions.
I love Liam Kelly’s playing style for flute, Angela Deane’s style for whistle, Johnny Ringo McDonagh’s style for bodhran.

I have ever being in an organizing committee of a St. Patrick’s day parade in Japan, and made a student club of Irish traditional music with my friends (mainly for holding practice meetings).

I usually take tomato juice during sessions, because drunk-ness makes me deaf to the rhythm, though I like guinness 🙂 It’s good for nutrition.