Moulouf’s tune sets

Shandon Bells, The Boys Of The Town, The Rakes Of Clonmel.

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T: Shandon Bells
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
AFD DFA|ded cBA|BGE E2G|B2A Bcd|
AFD DFA|ded cBA|Bcd ecA|d3 d2B:|
|:f2d dcd|f2a afd|cAA eAA|cAc efg|
f2d dcd|faa afd|Bcd ecA|d2d d3:||
T: The Boys Of The Town
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:D|GFG GBd|edB dBA|GFG GBd|edB AFD|
GFG GBd|edB gfg|edB AGA|BGG G2:|
|:B|def gfg|afd efB|def gfg|afd e2d|
[1 def gfg|afd efg|edB AGA|BGG G2B:|
[2 def gbb|faa efg|edB AGA|BGG G2||
T: The Rakes Of Clonmel
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amin
A/2B/2|:"Am"cBA "G"GED|"Am"EAA A2B|"C"ccc edc|"G"BGG G2e/2f/2|
"G"ggg "C"efg|"G"dBG Bcd|"Am"ecA "G"GED|1 "Am"EAA A2A/2B/2:|2 "Am"EAA A2a|
"Am"aea aed|"Am"cAA A2e/2f/2|"G"ggg gdc|"G"BGG G2f|
"C"gea gfe|"G"dBG Bcd|"Am"ecA "G"GED|"Am"EAA A2a|
"Am"aea aed|"Am"cAA A2e/2f/2|"G"ggg gdc|"G"BGG G2B|
"C"cBc d^cd|"C"edc Bcd|"Am"ecA "G"GED|"Am"EAA A2B|"Am"Aaa aaa|
"Em"bge e2f|"G"ggg "Em"bge|"G"dBG G2B|"C"cBc "G"ddd|
"C"efe "G"Bcd|"Am"ecA "G"GED|"Am"EAA A2A/2B/2|
"Am"cBA "G"GED|"Am"EAA A2B|"C"ccc edc|"G"BGG G2e/2f/2|
"G"ggg "C"efg|"G"dBG Bcd|"Am"ecA "G"GED|"Am"EAA A3|