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My name is Mars. I’m from Ufa, Russia.

I play Irish flute since 2013. My ‘lesser’ instruments are tin whistle, fiddle and bodhran.

Some people whose music inspires me over years are Patsy Hanley, Conal O’Gráda, Harry Bradley, Kevin Crawford, Paul McGrattan, Orlaith McAullife, Hammy Hamilton, Harry McGowan, Bríd O’Gorman, Tom McHale, John Doherty, John Doonan.

Info about our new little slow & tune-learning session (in Russian):,

If you happen to visit Ufa, please PM.

My compositions. Hope, they’re different enough from an existing tune to be counted as separate tunes… With such a huge body of tunes the Irish tradition posesses you never know… Again, if you found, that a tune was just a ‘compilation’, please let me know.

Aftermemories -
The Commuter -