Tom Sather

After playing folk then electric, blues, Grateful Dead phase I got married and the big note didn’t make sense anymore and I was very well stocked up on playing in band…(4 girl friends…no benefits..). Played guitar for 40 years, started playing mandolin 5 years ago. I had gotten an inexpensive mando for my son to play along like dad. I grabbed it once on a trip, much easier to travel with. Since then, that’s been my instrument. Musical trajectory…I started playing guitar, took a lot of lessons. I had friends that could just hear it and play it. I couldn’t do that and so I worked hard to compensate for it. Lots of scales, lessons, went to Musicians Institute in LA. So, to make a long story less long, I arrived at a point where 1) I had learned all kinds of stuff but after getting married and having less time to became increasingly unsatisfying to play. Pick up the guitar and try to brush up on the all the stuff..just too much…to big of a garden to maintain, garden got smaller and smaller…. focus on less and less…then get to a point where I don’t know quite what to work on. I won some tickets by coincidence to Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill and start thinking about Irish guitar, but right away that if I was going to be able to play Irish guitar, I was going to learn the tunes. So, I started learning session tunes, there’s a learner’s session here. And most exciting and satisfying is that I’be learning them by ear with help the slow downer app. And now I’m playing mandolin and really enjoying myself.