Simon James Chisholm

tunebook 7 tunes.

One half of folk duo “Loreley”, currently based in Reading. I play mandolin, guitar, dulcitar, and anglo concertina.

Don’t currently have the time to add them all to The Session, particularly as we seem to be discouraged from adding tunes we ourselves have composed (er, what?) and the ABC format baffles me. However, here’s my current tunebook (for personal reference as much as anything else):

Tunes I’ve Written:
Gravedigger’s Dance
Morgan Road
Eastern Promise

Traditional Tunes:
Jack Lintel’s Jig
Seven Stars
Parson’s Farewell
The Monk’s March
Rochdale Coconut Dance
Roslyn Castle
Poor Wayfaring Stranger
Scottish Air (Name Currently Unknown, but Kris Drever plays it alongside Rodney’s Glory)
Parson Upon Dorothy
Bear Dance

Other People’s Tunes:
Hudson’s Hornpipe (Sam Sweeney)
Jiggery Pokerwork (John Spiers)
The Blind Angler (Blinky Adam)

Currently Learning:
Upon A Summer’s Day
Staten Island
Dance of the Demon Daffodils (John Kirkpatrick)

I rather like improvising more than anything else, it’s more fun that way and sometimes you stumble upon a great tune and have to record it in that instant. Who needs a pen and paper when you have iPhones?