Anna Verhaegh

tunebook 10 tunes.

I’m currently a senior JAM in Tokoroa NZ, and throughout the years I have been playing Recorder and Piano, and had my go at violin, but was never really successful at that. I started dancing in June 2008 and have obtained many JAM medal tests, with one more to go. I am 18, and I love music, and sometimes have the notion to compose my own tunes, which are successful, but then find out later that part of my lead tunes have already been composed. My theory is terrible, but I can pick up a tune really fast. My future goal is to become a qualified RSCDS teacher. I have a ‘keen ear’ for music and can tell if one is not playing in time, or if on the wrong note. Next year, I will venture towards successfully completing a double degree, in Law and Psychology, through an LLB and a BA at the Waikato University.