tunebook 3 tunes.

I’m from Prague, Czech Republic. Currently studying physics at the Charles Uni, and in desperate need of more friends to go to the pub and play and sing occasionally. Seriously, like, there is nothing more fun than the moments of shared bliss with other musicians - and shared hatred for songs commonly requested by muggles.

These are the instruments I’m actually good at:
Guitar (both electric and acoustic)
Recorder (not the squeaky soprano bastard. i prefer alto or tenore.)
Tin whistle (got one in D major)
My own vocal chords (without any false humility - i’m quite good at singing. Czechs will be familiar with Pavlina Jisova and Raduza. and i found out recently that my own range is scarily close to Ed Sheeran’s)

These are the instruments in which you would have to be patient with me:
Accordion (it’s bigger than me tbh)
Bodhrán (i’ve got an 18 inch one, i can keep a steady rhythm, but any embellishments above that are a BAD idea)