Julio Pacheco

tunebook 27 tunes.

tune sets 12 sets of tunes.

Hello The Session, great to meet you…
My name is Julio and I was born in Venezuela, from a Canary Islands father and a Venezuelan mother.
I’m a professional working musician with around 30 years experience (guitar). I’m 46 now and living with my wife and kid in the aforementioned Canary Islands.

Here, around 1991-1992, I’ve met one of my best friends now, John, who is Scottish; and I spent more than ten years playing with him in Scotland and here, had a band with them Scottish, did festivals and gigs… and still having contact with them, even though we are not living in the same country for some time now.
I still play tunes with different people here in the Canaries and when I visit Scotland; so that’s why I ended up in your wonderful page.