David Ruffin Jr

…that’s D Ruff: David Ruffin Jr., the Detroit-born son of the late Temptations singer, who’s come to California to make himself a star.
D Ruff’s friend Tony Green is Dre’s bass player and Band Leader, a world-class R&B pro.
– Rollingstone Magazine
David Ruffin Jr: understands the expectation that have been placed upon him!
But hopefully once his voice is heard, it might become more pleasantly apparent, that he does his best to continue the RUFFIN Soul!
As the son of the late singer David Ruffin, the legendary former lead singer of the Temptations, there will always be comparisons to his father.
However, what many people dont know is that David, like his Father in some respects, he has indeed, already been an influence on not only Hip-Hop, but music as a whole. “How’s that?”, you might ask! Well, DRJ did in fact originally create, write and sing the chorus/hook for “Gin&Juice”, from the DoggyStyle LP released by Deathrow Records in November of 1993. A Hip Hop Classic for Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg! Ruffin Jr has also worked with other unforgettable artist such as: Chuck D, Redman, TmoneyG, MistaPerkins, Classified (Canadian Mc), Spyder D, Kurupt, Daz, Nate Dogg, Sisquo & Jazz of DruHill to name a few.
He has also, toured, performed with and opened for the legendary singing group The Dramatics.
Over the years, several highly touted music publications such as The Rolling Stone, The Source and Rap Pages have labeled him as “talented and up‐and-coming”
David is also preparing his first television documentary entitled “RealBloodlines”. Which chronicles the ups, downs and in betweens, of a couple dozen of his friends that also happen to be children of world known entertainment, acting and sports Icons as well. (RBL’S 1st seasons cast members originate from the following Bloodlines; Crosby, Rawls, Howard, Pryor, Sellers & Ruffin …any ideas as to who these names might be?) RBL is hopes to stay locked into an air date on Discovery-Life in 2016 as well. Also in its infancy stages is The Sons Of Motown project, which is a presentation or production of Temptation music and songs, performed and or recorded by 5 of the Sons of “a” Temptation… !
DRJ may have discovered his love and or approach to his particular style of making songs or music? But, h would have to credit his father, David Ruffin, along with current R&B soloist, Joe, Usher and 80’s crooners, Alexander O’Neal, James “D-Train” Williams, and the great Marvin Gaye as the major motivators and inspiration in that Department.
David has released a EP entitled “All My Life” (**), and more recent releases of a songs entitled “MUTHAPHUCKAWERK” (**) & “Live&uLearn (**), on David’s own Ruffin-It-Music. But even more recent, David linked up with the production team of The Indie-Pendants and Doc Ice (of Whodini), and as of July 1st of 2015, collaborated on an equally explosive single release, entitled “HUNNIDS”, on iTunes, CDBaby and more, right now!
The fabulous Miki Howard asked David to a production in 2014 and came up with a song entitled “SOON”, where they sing back and forth to one another with that true soul and power. They have a kindred friendship which translates well on vinyl. You also can find her LP “I Choose To Be Happy”, which was released on iTunes as well.
DRJ is also wrapping his LP project that he has been working on for years now: “BLOODLINE”.
With his latest collaborations, one being a duet with The 2nd Diva of Soul music, and a featured Hook on Chuck D & Spyder D “In case you didn’t know” and is more excited than ever to complete his first Book.
One way or another, David is determined and well prepared to further elevate the Ruffin name in the entertainment world, altogether!
When asked of his trials and tribulations in the music industry he simply states, “I’m a focused and determined artist that God has blessed with the gift of song. So, no matter how frustrating
the business of music is, was, and or will be, I’m a song-writer/singer til I die. I’m gonna sing and God willing people will continue to listen”
Well, It’s in his blood!

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