Peadar McBride

Hi, I’m from Adelaide, South Australia. I play what I humorously call the six string Bodhrán, which in fact means I play the Guitar. 😉 No, I’m not a bash artist, I just love to play nice upbeat and offbeat rhythms with a light flexible pick across the strings, as well as interesting, jazzy chords. I play in standard tuning. Don’t get me wrong, I love DADGAD, but standard is what I’ve spent most of my life playing, and let’s face it, I’m only a backing orchestrator providing some good sounding lows and mids to support the highs of the melody instruments. The guitar is all I play, I don’t sing, I used to, but I’m not very good at it I’m afraid, so please don’t ask (in Ireland they almost always ask if you play guitar). I’ve been playing all kinds of different genres for many more years than I care to admit here, but the Celtic influence has always been with me since childhood and through all the genres I’ve played. However, the melody players are the important people, without them there’s no tune, and I love to back them with the best chordal and rhythmic orchestration I can come up with from a palette of the loveliest chords and strums in my collection. Sorry, I try not to talk this much at sessions. 🙂