Klaas Hogenesch

I was born in the Netherlands and started playing the trombone and harmonica when I was nine years old. Later I played tenor & alto saxophone, mostly playing classical music in several orchestras and touring through Europe. I emigrated from Holland to New Zealand in 1980 and played the clarinet for about ten years.
In 2010 I picked up a cheap penny whistle and after learning a few tunes I fell in love with Irish music.
Funnily, a year ago I had my DNA tested and it shows that I am about 38 percent Irish. No wonder I’m hooked to their music.
I purchased a set of tremolo harmonicas which are excellent for accompanying vocalists and I have now a bunch of whistles in many keys.
We have a small group meeting on Friday nights on which we try out new tunes. Most Wednesday nights you will find me at The Rose & Shamrock Celtic sessions in Havelock North, New Zealand.