Steve Parkes

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Hi. I’m a native of the UK - born and raised in the West Midlands, but relocated to Glastonbury, in the South-West, in recent years.
Musical history: learned to play the guitar as a teenager back in the ‘sixties, but only ever played rhythm - strumming chords was my thing, but I never mastered bar-chords, so that severely limited my playing ability to something less than slightly-passable clumsy amateur!
Always fancied a banjo or banjolele, but didn’t actually GET one until my daughter got me a banjo-uke when I was sixty-two! I had to do some serious restoration to it to get it playable (it was a poor-quality, German ‘Weltton’), but it got me started and I took to it better than I ever did to the guitar.
I later got myself a very nice Tanglewood TUBX banjo-ukulele - beautiful build finish, good resonator with decent flange, heavy in weight, giving nice sustain, and I love playing it - just to amuse myself and occasionally put a song on YouTube. I’m still learning and developing and perfecting my technique.
I literally just bought my first Tenor Banjo - so recently that it hasn’t even arrived yet! I was looking online for tips on strings and different tunings - I’m tending to lean towards ‘Chicago’ tuning right now (like the top, four guitar strings), as that is the same as the Uke is tuned, though I haven’t yet found any opinions on that on The Session. Should I post on an existing discussion, or should I start a new thread?