Anthony Robb

I’m a Geordie lad who lived in the Alnwick area for 27 years and had the privilege of knowing Willie Taylor and Will Atkinson - playing in each others’ houses and at monthly sessions at the Bridge of Aln pub. My main instrument at the time was Northumbrian pipes but for many years I only had a concert G set so didn’t do much playing with the likes of Joe Hutton (whose main pipes were in concert F) until Mike Nelson made him a G set with comfortable finger holes.
Encouraged by Ron Purvis and Willie Taylor I started out on fiddle in 1981 with a ‘kipper box’ bought for a fiver from Robertson’s auction rooms in Alnwick (according to Willie that fiddle was ‘as deef as a post’). I’ve got a nicer fiddle now and play with The Castle band and Windy Gyle Band.