Skye Richendrfer

Lifelong resident of Washington State (with a slight hiatus in Minnesota for college), and am the Founder and current Executive Director of the Celtic Arts Foundation in Mount Vernon, WA ( Played Highland pipes since age 7 (a few short years ago…), and played with the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band for most of the 1980s. Discovered Scottish Smallpipes in the latter 1990s, and really didn’t start seriously playing them until around 2007. Bellows-blown pipes have become a passion, playing both Scottish Smallpipes and Reelpipes, and along the way became enamored of the low d whistle as well. We (Celtic Arts Foundation) produce a number of events and workshops (fiddles, Smallpipes, and piping and drumming) in the greater Seattle area, and also host monthly Scottish music sessions (first Sunday of most months) as well as Irish music sessions (third Sunday of most months). These sessions are held in our new Littlefield Celtic Center building, which opened in June of 2015, in Mount Vernon, WA.