Ken Michie

Hi Folks,
I’ve played b/c melodeon at fairly basic level since my late teens, (turned seventy last month !) Started playing on single rows, not crossing over, and quite happy to do that until discovering the variety of keys available using “proper way ”.
Always favoured Hohner but then bought a Dino Baffetti which I greatly prefer and, more recently, a Paolo Soprani Elite which I find just too similar to the Dino so looking to exchange/trade it for a Saltarelle Nuage or Tara b/c if anyone interested. The Paolo has four sets reeds, two couplers, is in as new condition and not yet played in ( Tried and tested by the legendary John Crawford of Fife who confirmed the box to be immaculate )
Living in the Scottish Highlands, I’ve always tended to play our local type music but thoroughly enjoy listening to any good/ decent/ enthusiastic box player !
Slainte mhath,
Good health,