Have been playing the violin for decades, the bass guitar for many years and have had a hand at playing the contra-bass whenever available and read sheet music in both the treble and bass clefs.

Grade 8 in Violin ABRSM ( Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music ( UK ) ( and that was before the days of the internet ! )
and so it is my main instrument being the only one in which i am awesomely grateful to have received formal lessons

have decided to let the bass go in favour of the violin albeit tuned lower to sound more like a viola

Followed with great interest the debate and discussion on this website namely;
which is what brought me to this site in the first place - i had a very rigid British-type schooling on the violin ( other matters as well …. heh! ) which made it impossible to even consider tuning it to anything other than A440 and was so glad to see the discussion and reading about people actually tuning down for baroque etc

i was almost about to switch to the viola for its lower pitch until toying with the idea of tuning to a lower pitch and found others who had done exactly that

i will most probably, most certainly, tune lower and keep it there ! ( also bearing in mind the cautions from some of the posters that the picky instrument doesn’t like indecision on the matter ! )

I graduated at the University of Manchester
now located in Lisbon, Portugal