Dennis Spring

My Irish grandma lived with us while I was growing up. She grew up in an all-Irish section of Chicago, and helped teach me a love for Irish music and poetry. I studied classical violin and went through university and then on to a symphony career. Then a student asked me to teach him some traditional Irish tunes. That got me back into it, about 35 years ago. Semi-retired now, I compose tunes and enjoy sharing a few of them at sessions, here in Charlotte, NC. I also sing and play guitar.
In 1997, I travelled to Atlanta with my daughter who was competing in dance in the Oireachtas Regional(Peach State Feis). Since I was there, I competed in instrumental and singing categories. I took first in Instrumental and second in Vocal. I was told that I qualified to attend the world finals in Ireland. As a rule, I don’t like competitions in the arts, and I don’t mention this to brag, but just to give some indication of my playing.
My website is, and I do have a recording up there, and many more on my computer, but struggle to find time to put stuff up on the web. I’m working on it.
I also have a Facebook page for my band , Dennis Spring and The Sons of the Full Moon. There are many bootleg, unauthorized, postings of us at dances and festivals.