Monty Campbell

tunebook 91 tunes.

I’m an undergraduate student majoring in Physics and minoring in both Astronomy and Mathematics at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Go Hokies!). I play lots of Irish and Scottish tunes, and I’m learning a few Old-Time tunes as well. I currently play mandolin, anglo concertina, tenor banjo, and low-D whistle. The list of instruments is growing, and I hope to learn either fiddle or highland pipes in the next year or two (I’m very ambitious). I’m not a big fan of playing hornpipes and slip-jigs at warp-speed, and I’m a big fan of slow tunes. If not evident by my list of banjo jokes on this profile description, I’m a big fan of telling banjo jokes and session-related jokes as well.
DISCLAIMER: It is my belief that all instruments should be tuned and played in time. While I preach the philosophy of tuned instruments, I am not a session nazi.
DISCLAIMER: Just because I like cracking banjo jokes does _not_ mean I dislike the banjo. Once a banjo player, always a banjo player.
DISCLAIMER: Just because I make banjo jokes at sessions (and they’re accepted there) does not mean that it’s okay to post them on the discussions page. Jeremy does not appreciate posting these in the forums, so they stay here, where nobody ever sees them ;) . I strongly recommend refraining from instrument bashing on the forums, cause, while it is appreciated by some, others find it unwelcoming.

I’m a big fan of; you can generate your own tunes there!
Some banjo jokes:

What’s the difference between a banjo and an anchor?
You tie a rope to an anchor before you toss it into the water!

How can you tell if a stage is level?
If the banjo player drools out of both sides of his mouth!

What do you call a pretty girl on a banjo player’s arm?
A tattoo.

What do you say to a banjo player in a three-piece suit?
Will the defendant please rise.

A banjo player and a guitarist are in a car. Who’s driving?
The cops!

How many banjo players does it take to eat a possum?
Two! One to eat it, and the other to watch for cars!

You’re driving down a street and you see a banjo and an accordian — which do you run over first?
The accordian. Business before pleasure.

What do you call a perfect pitch?
When you pitch a banjo into a dumpster and it lands on a accordion!

A skunk and a banjo are lying at different points on highway, and both have been hit by motor vehicles. What’s the difference between the skunk and the banjo?
The skunk has skid marks before it!

What are you supposed to do if you accidentally run over a banjo?

(for more banjo jokes, find me at a nearby session)
Some of my favorite tunes:
Drummond Castle
The Dancing Dog
Loch Lomond (also known as Red is the Rose)
The Black Rouge
The Rambling Pitchfork
The Last Pint (as a hornpipe, the way Solas does it)
The Athol Highlanders
Sean Ryan’s Jig (also known as "The Castle")
The Campbells are Coming (The Clan Campbell March, which I’m required to play because reasons)
Gravel Walks
The Devil’s Dream
Abe’s Retreat (an Old-Time reel, which sounds great on banjo)