tunebook 109 tunes.

I’m from Wappingers Falls NY and I am learning fiddle. I played violin in orchestra growing up but haven’t touched it in 35 years (until a few months ago) but I love fiddle music and traditional music. I actually studied Folk Balladry some in college.
I took piano lessons growing up and have kept up with it on and off my whole life, coming back to it every few years and playing it for a few months before moving off to other hobbies again.
I wouldn’t mind getting together with one or two players at a time to try some tunes out together. I don’t have much memorized yet so something like that is more my speed. I have a lot of folk/fiddle sheet music that a few people could try playing together, if you don’t feel ready for the “big time” of a session yet; I certainly am not near ready for anything like that! Even if my skills were much better, it’s scary especially if you’re a newcomer and don’t know anyone!