Bob Collier

tunebook 2 tunes.

I’m from London, England, originally. I took up playing the fiddle in 1973 when I lived in Sussex, initially in the English style to play the Morris dance tunes. I became interested in Shetland fiddle music and went to live and work in Shetland where I met the young lady who became my wife. We now live in Australia. In 1991, I hung up my fiddle and went on to other things that were more important to me at the time. In 2013, after a hiatus of 22 years I started playing the fiddle again partly because my teenage son had taken up playing the guitar and the banjo and I was inspired by his musicianship; partly because I had developed arthritis in my hands and thought playing the fiddle would help to improve flexibility in my fingers (which it has done); partly because, through my years as a non-musician, my wife had occasionally remarked to me in a somewhat disapproving tone that there are many people who would love to play the fiddle and can’t and I can play the fiddle but don’t, and she was right. My wife is Irish. I’ve always loved Irish traditional music but knew relatively few Irish tunes in the ‘old days’. We’re planning to have a holiday in Ireland later this year, so I’m currently learning Irish tunes, as I’ll be taking my fiddle with me, and hope to learn more about the Irish fiddle styles and maybe join in with a session or two somewhere on our holiday if it’s appropriate.