Jamie Clarke’s tune sets

Maggie Cameron, In And Out The Harbour, Hull’s, The Kamikaze Honkers.

T: Maggie Cameron
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
(3faf|"A"{ef}[e2e2] {cd}c>A c<e{cd}c>A|e>cA<c {c}[e2e2] (3faf|{ef}[e2e2] {cd}c>A c<e{cd}c>A|"G"d>BG<B {B}[d2D2] (3faf|
"A"{ef}[e2e2] {cd}c>A c<e{cd}c>A|e>cA<c e>A a/^g/f|e>A{cd}c>A c<e{cd}c>A|"G"d>BG<B {B}[d2D2] (3faf||
"A"e<ac>a e>ac>a|g/f/e a<c {ef}[e2e2] e<f|e<ac>d "Em"e>f{a}g>e|"G"(3dcB g<B {B}[d2D2] (3faf|
"A"e<ac>a e>ac>a|g/f/e a<c {ef}[e2e2] (3efg|(3agf "Em"{gf}g>e "D"(3fed "A"(3edc|"G"(3dcB g<B {B}[d2D2] (3faf||
"A"{ef}e>Ac>e A/A/A c>e|A/A/A c>e A/A/A a<f|{g}f>ec>e A/A/A c>e|"G"(3dcB g<B {B}[d2D2] (3faf|
"A"{ef}e>Ac>e A/A/A c>e|A/A/A c>e A/A/A a/^g/f|e<ac>e A/A/A c>e|"G"(3dcB g<B {B}[d2D2] (3faf||
"A"e<a{b}a>g {fg}f>ea>e|c>ea>e (3cde "D"{fg}f2|"A"e<a{b}a>g (3fbf (3edc|"G"(3dcB g<B {B}[d2D2] (3faf|
"A"e<a{b}a>g "D"{fg}f>ef<b|"A"{ab}a>f{ef}e>d (3cde (3efg|(3agf "Em"{gf}g>e "D"(3fed "A"(3edc|"G"(3dcB g<B {B}[d2D2]||
T: In And Out The Harbour
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|:egfd eA(3AAA|edBd eA(3AAA)|egfd eA(3AAA|BGdc BGBd:|
|:eaaf gafa|eA(3AAA eABd|eaaf ge^ce|afge d2 ^cd:|
T: Hull's
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emaj
BE (3EEE BEAc|BE (3EEE cBce|BE (3EEE B2GB|cBce fefg|
BE (3EEE BEAc|BE (3EEE cBce|fgfe c2 Bc|1 efec Bcec:|2 efec Bcef||
|:gB (3BBB g2fe|fc (3ccc c2 Bc|fc (3ccc c2Bc|eB (3BBB Bcef|
gB (3BBB g2 fe|fc (3ccc c2 bc|fgfe c2 Bc|1 efec Bcef:|2 efec Bcec||
T: The Kamikaze Honkers
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
eAA(c BA)Bd|eAA(e fe)df|eAA(c BA)Bc|dBGB d2(df)|
eAA(c BA)Bd|eAA(e fe)df|eAA(c BA)Bc|dBGB A2 (Ac)||
EAAc F2 (AF)|G3 ABcd2|EAAc F2 (Bc)|
dBGB d2dD|EAAc F2 (AF)|G3 ABcd2|EAAc F2 (Bc)|dBGB A2 (Ac)||
[A4a] [A2a] [A2a]|[A2a] [A2a] (gfe2)|[a4d] [a2d] [a2d]|[a2d] [a2d] cBA|[A4a] [A2a] [A2a]|[A2a] [A2a] (gfe2)|a3g ecA(c|dB)GB A A2B||
cBAG F2 AF|G2 ABc(d2 B)|cBAG F2 Bc|dBGB d2 dB|cBAG F2 AF|
G2 ABc d z2|a3g ecA(c|dB)GB A2 z2