tunebook 1 tune.

tune sets 2 sets of tunes.

West Georgia - U.S.A, love playing the fiddle and would play all day if I could afford not to work. I really appreciate this website, the insight and the sheet music. THANK YOU! I picked up the violin for the first time Aug 1, 2015. Can’t find anyone else locally that is interested in this type of music to play with or take lessons from - so I watch videos online. Have learned almost all of Hanneke Cassell tunes and a good many taught by Kevin Burke on the fiddlevideo website. Piano background… violin is way easier to tote around (than a piano) when you want to play at the lake or the neighbors front porch. I’m 52 and wish I would have had the opportunity to learn the violin when I was young(er). Favorite at the moment is Duncan Chisholm playing "Night in that Land".