John Miagh

Old, lately uninspired. Hoping the music will bring me back. You are an entertaining group, especially if one is a bodhran player. I have played traditional Appalachian music for 50 years but those sessions now have tubas and piano accordions, so I give up. I play the banjo which is closely related to the bodhran both in structure and sentiment. I tend to marry pariahs both instruments and women. My youngest son is starting to play Irish music which actually makes me happy.
My claim to fame is on a trip to Ireland for my fiftieth birthday got asked by Johnny Moynihan and Sean Garvey to join them in a session at the Cobblestone Pub. Didn’t have a banjo so I played Clawhammer on Sean’s guitar and no one seemed to mind. Got it all on tape. Pretty much spent the rest of my time in Ireland at the Cobblestone. Tom Mulligan a great guy.
Thank you for making joining so easy.