Frank Riley

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I live in San Diego, California, am retired and a "want-to-be" Irish Tenor Banjo player, but not very good at all. I thought I could find a teacher but so far have not found one in the San Diego area, so I rely on DVDs, CDs, computer and books. I like We Banjo 3, Gerry Connelly and many Irish musicians. I really like We Three Banjo aka We Banjo 3’s version of "We All Need More Kindness In This World," and would like to learn how to play it, but can’t find the Irish Tenor Banjo tabs. I would like to jump into a Session at a local pub that has one on Tuesday’s and on my next trip to Ireland, but this dream seems a long way off, unless I find a teacher. I am of Irish heritage and a few years ago became an Irish citizen through my grandmother. I love all types of music, Mary Black is my favorite female singer. I have been to Sessions on my two trips to Ireland, here in San Diego, and in Chicago, where my daughter lives. I had a son, Danny, who played the guitar,wrote songs
and sang: Music keeps me close to him.