tunebook 34 tunes.

My instruments are (in order of proficiency): Irish tenor banjo, octave mandolin, lead and backing vocals, Irish bouzouki, mandolin, and guitar. I consider myself a ‘passable’ musician, but I do have much to learn, as I’ve only been playing most of these instruments for the last one to four years.

I am currently looking to start, or join, almost any kind of Irish-like musical group.

At this time (since January 2017) I have only begun to attend one monthly session, but as my work hours are changing, I plan to explore and attend as many others as I can find. I dearly love the traditional dance tunes, but I’m also a fan of many other forms of Irish music: folk tunes, bawdy pub songs, and even the occasional contemporary cover by groups like Gaelic Storm or The Pogues.

I can sight read regular sheet music, though I’m slow (I honestly don’t understand ABC’s one little bit), but to be completely honest, for speed, I learn most of my tunes from mandolin tab sites. I also create quite a few of my own tabs, which I share on my blog: