Matt McNeely

tunebook 71 tunes.

My name is Matt McNeely from Oak Ridge/Knoxville, TN. I have a full set in concert pitch by Seth Gallagher. They’re a left-handed set. I had Seth make the Rowsome-style bass reg. bar & tear drop style regulator keys.

I’m a huge fan of Overton whistles and play a Low D & Low F by Colin Goldie. My main high whistle is an old nickel-silver Copeland D that used to belong to Tim Britton and then Ed Harrison. I also play quite a few Generation whistles and have managed to find a pretty good nickel one in C. Every now and then I flirt around with the tenor banjo and bodhran. Pipers of much help to me have been; Phil Sexton, Quinto Espina & Cillian Vallely.