Not Matt Smith

tunebook 4 tunes.

tune sets 6 sets of tunes.

I hail from the blustery wastes of Wisconsin, and I boast no Irish blood whatsoever. Yet still the highly contagious bug of the Irish music, culture, and general cool-ness has bitten me, and fortunately there is no cure, nor would I want one if there was, or if it was needed. I play tin whistle, occasionally tootling with a friend who is a wizard on the mando. I also plink the piano, honk the harmonica, caterwaul as if I could sing, and hope to acquire a Celtic bouzouki (NOT an octave mandolin [yes there are differences {small ones, I know}]) to strum and be the town bard. I read music but a little, only enough to get by if I have to; mainly relying on my perfect (I wish) musical ear to learn songs. So there you go. Now you know more about me than either of us thought you would or wanted you to.