tunebook 55 tunes.

tune sets 5 sets of tunes.

(Using this space for personal tune notes)

-I Know-
The Rolling Waves, Jig in Dmix (G)
Out on the Ocean, Jig in G
Tripping up the Stairs, Jig in D
Jig of Slurs, Jig in D
Lark in the Morning, Jig in D
Dennis Murphy’s Polka, Polka in D
Blarney Pilgrim, Jig in Dmix (G)
Independence Trail, Slide in G
Galen’s Arrival, Reel in G
The Carraroe, Jig in D
The Donegal Lass, Jig in D
The Merry Blacksmith, Reel in D
The Banshee, Reel in G
The Kesh, Jig in G

-Working On-
Bucks of Oranmore, Reel in D
Miss Monaghan’s Reel, Reel in D
Mason’s Apron, Reel in A

The Morning Thrush, Reel in D
The Virginia, Reel in D
The Providence, Reel in D
Tar Road to Sligo, Jig in D
The Nightingale, Jig in Ador (G)