Erik Friedling

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My name is Erik Friedling. I was born in 1966 in the south of Germany . In my early youth i was guitarist in Rock-, Blues- and Punk-bands before he discovered my love for meditative flute music about 20 years ago. Since then i likes it a little bit quieter 🙂 I play various ethnic flutes from all around the world (e.g. japanese Shakuhachi, indian Bansuri, indian Anasazi and Mojahwe flutes, chinese Xiao and Irish Low Whistle, etc.) but the main focus lies on the less known flute of the North American indigenous people, the so-called "native american flute". I plays this flutes not only as my main instrument, but together with my father i run a small manufactory to build and sell these kind of flutes in Germany (
Native american flutes have an unique design (2 chamber construction, external air duct, mounted rider) and the sound is quite magical. Like the Low Whistle the native american flute has no thumb hole and only 6 fngerholes. Due to their pentatonic tuning these large flutes are easy to play and give an intuitive access to fluting. By the way: With native american flutes you can play well some nice celtic folk songs.