Bought my first English Jackie recently after looking for months for something reasonably priced and in decent shape in my price range in a vintage box to no avail. I did finally find a Lachenal in good shape for a good price recently.
A keyboardist and Clarinetist for many years, I decided last year to learn the Concertina. I spent several months reading everything i could and looking at websites (Buttonbox, etc.) before making the decision on English mode. I think the push/pull different note of the Anglo would frankly scramble my brain. But maybe one day I’ll invest in inexpensive one just to see what they are about.
In the meantime I’m the proud owner of a 1896 Lachenal & a Jackie. My Lachenal sounds very sweet and delicate compared to my Jackie, but I keep my Jackie on my desk and pick it up many times a day.