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Ceilidh band musician from the Peak District and Cheshire (UK).

The Date-Tune Project: [updated 17 February, 2019]

I’m looking for tunes with a connection to particular days of a calendar year. For no good reason that I can remember, I started doing this four years ago and have steadily been building up a database of these tunes. I have found over 1,800 tunes but (because many fall on the same day as each other) I still have 5 days to fill. I’m quite keen to finish so that I can get my life back!

Examples of tunes with a connection to a particular day of the year: 4th of February , St George’s Day , Christmas Day Ida Morning , Queen Victoria’s Jubilee , Napoleon Crossing the Rhine , The Battle of Trafalgar , Nixon’s Farewell , Thatcher’s Downfall , Farewell to Tchernobyl , The Relief of Ladysmith , The 1st Batt. (72nd) Seaforth Highlanders’ Entry into Baghdad, March 1917 , Troy’s Wedding , Alex and Charles’ Wedding Day Waltz , American Rifle Team , 32 Aout!, The 30 Year Jig , The Sloe, Zobrinsky, Off to California, Lunardie’s Flight in the Air Balloon …..

Just 5 Missing days to go! (as of 4 February, 2019) April 3, June 3, August 20, September 5, October 26

See my tune-book here for tunes that I’ve found on The Session website and please suggest others.
Also I don’t know the exact date of many of the tunes written for people’s birthdays, weddings etc - any information on those dates would be really helpful.

Many thanks in advance for all suggestions.

Dave Ball