Brendan Walsh

Full time Irish Folk Band looking for 2 new members

The Led Farmers have been a professional band for two and a half years. The band have toured in seven countries (USA and EU) and gig for most of the calandar year. To date the band have leaned more towards the folk rock side but now are looking to emphasise their trad influence more.
We are looking for someone who plays to a high standard.
It would be great but not a must if they can sing lead or backing vocals.
Ideally someone between 25-35 would suit best but we’ll stay open.
The initial process will be as follows. If you’re interested send an email reply to the relevant email address. If possible attach a video where you introduce yourself and play something roughly two minutes in length. If that’s not possible leave a number and we’ll call you.
The band are currently based in Switzerland and joining would mean relocation there from February 2017.
Thanks for reading