Nicholas Stewart

From San Antonio, Texas born and raised. I play alto saxophone as a Music Education major on track to become a Middle School or High School Band Director/Music Teacher. I started on violin in 5th grade, age 10 or 11. Went to middle school in New Braunfels, Texas where they’ve never heard of an orchestra, so picked up alto saxophone. I’ve kept playing violin/fiddle. Accompanying my Dad while he plays guitar, old American folk tunes and folk rock of Bob Dylan and Neil Young, and loads more. Bought a $99.99 Fender Squier strat electric guitar, because when you’re the son of a guitarist, not knowing how to play beautiful rock or folk music to serenade the love of your life just doesn’t seem right. Bought an 8 string Ibanez acoustic electric mandolin and I really enjoy practicing Irish music and American folk and bluegrass on this instrument. So currently I’m practicing Irish music on mandolin and violin from this web page. I am also interested in uploading music for everyone to play through as well. “Ragland Road” is a piece I know by heart, from an Irish folk book at the Public Library in San Antonio. I’m of Irish lineage on my Mom’s Fathers side of the family, McKeown family. Family genealogy research conducted by one of my Grandpa McKeown’s sisters reveal a long line of Irish Engineers, wood workers. He is I believe second generation born U.S. citizen. His grandfather came over to the U.S. with his wife and she gave birth to my great grandfather on U.S. soil. My great grandfather was an Electrical Engineer who worked for Whirl Pool, designing washing machines. There were great great uncles that came over and began a McKeown bridge company that designed a McKeown bridge truss to ensure strong bridges that hold up against age and time. So, I feel the need to uphold my Irish heritage in performing great Irish music, and as needed, protect the homeland.