I am living in Brussels and my native language is french. Unfortunately it seems if I believe your information that there is no more sessions in Brussels. I am interested in irish music concerts also.
I have played fiddle regularly during 15 years. I have been playing folk musics of different countries inclusive irish. I like irish fiddle even if I could play with a low velocity and quality. I abandoned many years ago and would like to play again. I have CD and video tutors from Ireland to try again because I shall need much exercice to be able to try to follow a session…I found some rather slower fiddle CD in Ireland…sometimes too quick yet for me.
Il like Ireland where I go one week every two years at least, especially for hill walking, the music and the irish people. When I was younger I had been used to go 3 weeks on summer.
Thank you for your web site I am discovering tonight. I think the records of the tunes will help me very much to play again and I like the videos of concerts also. It is uncredibly exciting.