Johnny Jay, Melody Player

tunebook 141 tunes.

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Thought I’d update my profile again(May 2011)

East Central Scotland……. Very fond of Scots, Irish, and Scandinavian tunes.

Mandolin, fiddle, and “similar” stringy things.
I’m now also learning to play the piano accordion as I’ve been finding musical instruments too difficult. 🙂

Also, I’ve now purchased a harp and I’m trying to justify the purchase by “suggesting” that the principle is the same(or can be) as that of the piano accordion (which I’m also learning for good or ill), i.e. you can play the melody with the right hand and the basses, chords, etc with the left. Of course, there’s much more to it than that.

Generally, I’m more likely to prefer frequenting Scottish leaning sessions or those with a “good mix”……. not to be confused with a free for all.
Having said that, I love Irish music sessions too although I only take part if I know a decent number of the tunes on the night.