David Zethmayr

Lead singer, ‘cello and bowed bass, New Lost Ark (folk & bluegrass),
Rank’s Tavern, Adams, Wisconsin
Sing international folk and art songs: German, Russian, Spanish.
Write & arrange songs. Teach ear training & theory: http://earfirst.net
Author of Noshvil Theory/Hear on Sight (coming Sept 2019)
At 8yrs old: started in Anglican boys choir in LaGrange, Illinois.
At 13: invited to join West Suburban Symphony ‘cello section. 5 yrs, performed
Lalo ‘Cello Concerto with Symphony, Jr year high school.
At 15: Principal ‘cellist, Riverside Chamber Orchestra, 3 years.
Later on:
US Navy Bluejackets Choir; Pr. ‘cellist, Downers Grove Oratorio;
Chicago DIY "Messiah" - ‘cello some yrs, tenor/bass other years
Directed Byzantine-Slavic a cappella choirs in Chicago suburbs 21 yrs.
At 70: started arco bass study, revised tuning to double the ‘cello all 4 strings as also
many symphony bassists do.
Tuned my ‘cello for bluegrass & folk: C-string down to G. Nice growly sound, fun improv.
Tried same on bass (3/4 scale); same great result.
Love older modal tunes, klezmer, Bach, Anti von Klewitz (Szokolom group), Bobby McFerrin.
Edgar Meyer, …
Brother, Lonesome Jim Z.(+2017) founded string band http://LonesomeEagle.com
Sister, Karen Zethmayr teaches violin and fiddle in Madison, WI