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One tune setting, two comments, and one recording.

  • Mr And Mrs Walsh

    Composed by Seamus Eagan, on the Solas album “All Those Years” (2016). For Sam S-T.

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  • Dr. Gilbert’s reel
    X: 3
    T: Dr. Gilbert's
    R: reel
    M: 4/4
    L: 1/8
    K: Edor
    gf|:eBBA ~B3c|dBA=c BAGF|EDB,D FG FG|EDB,E DB,A,G,|
    B,E~E2 EDB,D|GE~E2 EFGA|(3Bcd ed Bdgb|afdf efgf:|
    |:eB~B2 gB~B2|defg afdf|~g2 bg fgaf|egfd eBB2|
    afdf edBc|dBAF AFDF|(3EFG =cA Bdgb|1 afdf efgf:|2 afdf e2||
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  • Eamon McElholm doing Lowground in Em…

    Hi all,

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