Susan K

tunebook 124 tunes.

tune sets 19 sets of tunes.

Keen collector of tunes, I play piano less often now (family piano has moved to Grimbister, Orkney to stay with bro in law Robin) . So MUST work on my fiddle playing , many defects.. but getting better and playing a lot by ear - less dependent on notes on the page.

This is a fine website, congrats Jeremy.

PS Love to sing sometimes and have written about 20 songs (+ jigs and other tunes). Have sung my own songs recently at The Bees Knees, a lovely Polish café - music nights alternate Fridays. It’s in Bowman Street, Govanhill, Glasgow G42 and Anya will give musicians a good welcome (opened last year). The next (2020) music night is 7th February, about 8 pm start. Choirs - and poets and activists - also welcome to contribute.