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I play piano and fiddle. I’m leaving Glasgow, much as I like the city - in Sept coming (2021). Big city life, first in Birmingham now in Glasgow proved too much for me (and I got v. ill over the lockdown)
Back to Kirkwall, Orkney.

"The Reel", the Wrigley Sisters’ lovely music venue in Kirkwall has gone under because of Covid (the twins wanted a rent holiday, but the Council refused….). It had been a big success for years, bar, cafe, music shop and music classes. Pity the Council is so short-sighted - they get no rent now anyway and the old house is in poor condition. I heard an old woman say (some time ago) "That PUB next door to the Cathedral!" - is that all it was to her, ridiculous… The location of The Reel meant the Council charged a very high rent.

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