Hi everyone, I’ve just joined so will make this brief for now. I love this forum and always find what I’m looking for on here ( or end up more confused than ever, but it stretches the old grey cells 🙂 )
I play Piano Accordion, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele and Charango; I don’t play particularly well, and mainly by ear, but just feel so relaxed and yet invigorated every time I ‘noodle’ on one of my instruments.
I’ve wanted to learn the Melodeon for years, since I found out that my Scottish Great Grandad used to play one, so am struggling at the moment to choose which type to go for, as I get very ambitious when I learn a new instrument, and don’t want to limit myself with a beginners model, but at the same time, worry that if I make life too difficult, I won’t persevere