SagebrushBennett’s tune sets

Lament Of The First Generation.

ABC sheet music
T: Lament Of The First Generation
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
d|:d2 Bc BA|G2 E3 d|d2 Bc d/c/B|G2 c3d|
d2 Bc BA|G2A2B2|A3B AG|1 E2 D3 d:|2E2D3 E/D/||
G,D Bc/B/ AB|G2A2B2|G,D Bc/B/ AB|G2E3G|
G,DB2AB|G2A2B2|A3B AG|E2D3 D/D/||
D2d2dD|A2B2c2|Bc dB GF|G2E3G|
G,D B2 AB|G2A2B2|A3B AG|E2D3||