Live fairly near Rathcoole, County Dublin. Play little bit of guitar, bouzouki, octave mandolin, and an even lesser amount of concertina.. ’Am not long at Trad, but had previous musical involvements on guitar & piano. At present trying to get used to GDAE and GDAD tunings. Was going to just work on GDAE, that was when only had an octave mandolin, but got a zouk. and have in the last few weeks discovered advantage of also using GDAD, especially for drones.
I like gdae, since ‘read music and the fingers fall in the right places (with O’Neills, B.Breathnach’s) as per fiddle tuning, but also see the benefits of using the more ‘open’ gdad tuning.
At the moment, am happy to just play at home, but might at later stage head to P/Stil, it being the nearest session and since Tom Moran & friends play there on Wednesdays.. But need to get more tunes under the belt/fingers first..
Improvised at that session back in the mid ’90’s (on guitar) but would like to actually contribute Trad tunes next time 🙂