David James Allan

After dropping foreboding hints for years to my wife of my impending ‘mid-life crisis’, the albatross has now landed squarely on my shoulders. I do not care for cars, body piercings, or tight leather pants (and since I love my wife, an affair is out) so that left only one thing - to learn to play the fiddle. Here’s the rub. I have never played an instrument before (save for the trombone in seventh grade when I was politely asked not to attend the end of year concert in exchange for a passing grade) nor do I understand one notion of reading music. I am an ignorant, glassy-eyed, graying-haired hopeful novice. All I bring to this forum is years of experience listening to fiddle music with child-like admiration and the hope that I can chase off the albatross with a bow and four strings.