Dr Nicol Murray

Greetings people,

I have been playing the Highland pipes for more than 40 years and teaching them for about half that. I play the Northumbrian pipes (poorly), have a more than passing familiarity with Uilleann pipes, I Was an organ scholar for some years although an accident put paid to that. Work as always, intrudes on my time for music. I take pure delight in playing, listening and even advising on tunes and how they might be embellished or "improved," but more than that, I do so enjoy the older tunes which have so much history embedded within the framework of the actual tune, if only someone takes the time to research what it might be. As a native Gaelic speaker, so much of our history is enshrined within the musical language and I regret that it is fast being lost. Let us not hang blindly on to the past, but perhaps learn from it.