Jon Ellis

tunebook 4 tunes.

Born Canada, grew up in Wessex, England, partly resident West Bengal, India for 28 years. Play tin whistle, G banjo, guitar, mandolin in styles not very precise or accomplished. Aim to play a good tune with spirit. Active in the Lymington Folk & Blues Club, Lymington, Hampshire, England and the Focsle Folk Club, Southampton, England, and occasional busker. Also the lively and tolerant sing and play session at the Musketeer Pub just outside Lymington, Hampshire, Currently in semi-abeyance due to Covid etc. Expect to revert to Thursdays from 9pm till late in 2021. All comers welcome.
Like old time tunes, 60’s onward contemporary folk etc. Have penned a few songs, which are mixed with some poems in a small, self-published collection called ‘Over the hills and far away’. Music can help to change the World!