David Rosenthal

I am a self taught whistle and flute player who also had training from Bill Ochs. A NYC computer consultant, I would often play the whistle on the street or in a park between appointments in Manhattan. I found Bill Ochs when I got interested in the pipes and when I met him I played Skibereen. It was very funny. When I finished he said ‘Do you play on the street?’ He already had heard me somewhere. Another funny story is that at the end of my first time with Bill, he handed me some sheet music for the tunes we were working on. Minor detail; I don’t really read music. Lesson two, I played the tunes, reading the sheet music. He then asked me to play the tune by ear. I did much better. "David, do you have the rest of that sheet music I gave you last week" I handed it back to him, We never worked from sheet music again for the next 18 months or so I took lessons from him while I awaited my pipes to come in. What wasn’t quite as funny was the five years I struggled with the uilleann pipes before being honest with myself that as much as I loved the sound, they were not for me and I returned to the flute and whistle. I’ve never played in a session or group but I pick up songs by ear well enough that I really enjoy playing those instruments. - david