tunebook 113 tunes.

(16 April 2007 update)
Not much to add, ‘cept that I have a new flute - it’s a no-name German 8-key, circa 1880, whose keys I’m currently stumbling over, but looking forward to experimenting. Sounds pretty good so far …
Also getting more into backing on guitar, standard and DADGAD tuning. I usually make 2 sessions a week, thanks to the understanding of my wife. It just works out. :)

(10 March 2005 update)

Just got my new Healy flute (for a steal!) - it’s serial number 100, and I’ve got
some work to do to figure out how to play it well. Still keeping the Tipple, since
I probably shouldn’t take the Healy to the beach …

I live in Rhode Island, in Southern New England, USA. I play the fife with
the Kentish Guards Fife and Drum Corps, based here in East Greenwich, RI,
an active RI militia unit, chartered in 1774. I recently picked up my first Irish
flute, and can’t wait to get it out to the local sessions, though I’m expecting
some scoffing about my flute: it’s PVC (a Tipple), but it plays like a dream!
Also looking forward to beefing up my tunebook and playing way more than
I should!