tunebook 146 tunes.

Fife, Guitar, Octave Mandolin - Rhode Island, USA

(7 Sept 2018 update)
Wow. Long time.
So the flute thing, not so much. The German flute went back to its original owner, and the Healy case gathers dust, though I’m not without hope of a reunion. Not hitting many sessions these days either. Too busy. :(
The fife and drum thing is going strong, and I just returned from performing at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo with the Middlesex County Volunteers Fifes and Drums, as well as with my Celtic band Fellswater. There. I finally segued into thesession. 🙂 In Fellswater, I play guitar and a Trinity College Octave Mandolin, which I’m really digging into. I’m finding this instrument so much more conducive to playing trad stuff (fiddle-esque GDAE, tuning being the obvious reason, with the added bonus of a guitar-like finger spacing). Only problem now that I’m getting quickly up to speed on the OM is that now I’ve outgrown the instrument <sigh>. It’s time for an upgrade, which I knew would happen - I just didn’t expect it so soon. If anyone cares to comment or recommend, I’m all ears (and eyes). Peace.

(16 April 2007 update)
Not much to add, ‘cept that I have a new flute - it’s a no-name German 8-key, circa 1880, whose keys I’m currently stumbling over, but looking forward to experimenting. Sounds pretty good so far …
Also getting more into backing on guitar, standard and DADGAD tuning. I usually make 2 sessions a week, thanks to the understanding of my wife. It just works out. 🙂

(10 March 2005 update)

Just got my new Healy flute (for a steal!) - it’s serial number 100, and I’ve got
some work to do to figure out how to play it well. Still keeping the Tipple, since
I probably shouldn’t take the Healy to the beach …

I live in Rhode Island, in Southern New England, USA. I play the fife with
the Kentish Guards Fife and Drum Corps, based here in East Greenwich, RI,
an active RI militia unit, chartered in 1774. I recently picked up my first Irish
flute, and can’t wait to get it out to the local sessions, though I’m expecting
some scoffing about my flute: it’s PVC (a Tipple), but it plays like a dream!
Also looking forward to beefing up my tunebook and playing way more than
I should!