R.P. Hale

I am Mexican-American and grew up in the Mexican-Aztec traditions in music in my native Tucson, Arizona. I discovered the harpsichord early on and abandoned the piano. I specialized in accompaniment rather than solo, because I enjoy backup far more than playing alone. I also build harpsichords and other early-keyboard instruments, and got into the hammer dulcimer in 1980 - again looking at it as a backup/rhythm rather than a lead instrument. Whilst I am perfectly capable of playing melodies on it and on the harpsichord, backup is my primary interest in music, so to that end, I built a 5-octave double-bass dulcimer--that, in spite of it being an “illegal instrument” in Irish sessions, is still welcome in these sessions. I was introduced to Irish music in 1980 and have made quite a few fast friends at festivals, at Augusta and elsewhere, as well as in various events around the country.
I moved to Concord NH in 1982 and am involved in various sessions around New England as a backup player on said double-bass dulcimer, or sometimes piano.
Outside of the music world, where I also remain a concert harpsichordist, I am a solar astronomer (working in archaeo-astronomy), wood-engraver/Letterpress printer, master-calligrapher and illustrator, and instrument maker, all of which are multi-generational.