Kaleis Session's’s tune sets

Arthur McBride.

T: Arthur McBride
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
G|G3/2 A/ G|G D E|G3/2 A/ G|B2 d/d/|
w:I had a first cou-sin called Ar-thur Mc-Bride, he and
e d c|B z B|A >BA|E2 G|
w: I took a stroll down by the- sea-side a
G D G|G D E|G A G|B2 d|
w: see-king good for-tune and what migh be-tide T'was
d c B|A3/2 B/ d|e3|d2 B|
w:just as the day was a-dawn-ing Then
d2 d|B c d|e e e|d2 B|
w: af-ter rest-ing we both took a tramp, we
c d c|B c B|A BA/-G/|E2G|
w: met ser-geant Har-per and cor por-ra-al Cramp be-
GD G|G3/2 D/ G|G A G|B> d d/ d/|
w:side the wee drum-mer who beat up for camp with his a
d cB|A EF|F G2|-G3|
w:row- de-dow-dow in the mor-ning